GEO MEDIC™ Training & Certification

The newly enhanced Geo Medic is SOLO Schools International’s most advanced and updated course, designed for those needing advanced medical training for extraordinary work, remote missions, natural disaster relief or any environment where you must provide definitive patient care. Come experience hands-on learning from world-class instructors. Earn 64 hours of CME credit. Course highlights listed below.

Table top disaster response and discussion
What You Need to Know Before You Go
Tropical Medicine and Parasitology
Patient Assessment System and Critical Care


Critical Care: Providing Long-term Critical Care
Airway and Breathing – Adjunct Airways
Cardia Arrest in the remote setting
Management of Shock – Fluid Resuscitation
Stop the Bleed
Clinic #1 – set up, organize, and run a clinic

The Integumentary System
Soft Tissue Injuries
Advanced wound care and wound closure
Sutures, glues, steristrips, staples
SUSTENANCE: Food and Water
Water Purification Techniques
Cooking Skills and the Kitchen
SANITATION: Group Health and Sanitation
How to Bathe in a Bucket and Doing the Laundry
How to Poop in the Woods
SAFETY: Safety – avoiding trouble and staying safe
Navigation – Route Finding and Map Reading

The Musculoskeletal System
Fracture Care
Casting Techniques
Joint Injuries and Dislocations
Crush Injuries and Compartment Syndrome

Clinic #2 – set up, organize, and run a clinic
Head Trauma, ICP, Facial Trauma, Teeth Problems
Recognition and Treatment of Chest Trauma
Recognition and Treatment of Cardiac Trauma

Recognition & Management of Neurological Emergencies
Recognition and Treatment of Respiratory Medical Emergencies
Recognition and Treatment of Cardiac Medical Emergencies​
The Digestive & Reproductive Systems – the Acute Abdomen

Environmental Emergencies and The Human Animal
Food planning and nutritional requirements
Cold-Related Injuries​
Heat-Related Injuries​
Animals that Bite and Sting

​Pharmacology and The Pharmacy Practical
Clinic #3 – set up, organize, and run a clinic
The Ten Essentials
Bivouac – the Safe Camp, rain, flooding, predators

Sexually Transmitted Diseases​
Childbirth and the Complications of Childbirth
Recognition and Management of Poisoning​
Recognition and Management of Behavior and Psychiatric

​Common Expedition Problems – Personal and Team
What is in your PAS Tool Kit?
What is in your Village Medic Bucket?
Clinic #4– set up, organize, and run a clinic